Speaking of records, I also got to take a look at the wardrobe styling’s of Rounder RecordsSenior Director of Product Management Jim Horan. Jim not only directs the marketing of albums by artists including Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, Gregg Allman, They Might Be Giants, John Mellencamp and The Jayhawks, he also is the front man in the classic-country band Georgia Overdrive.




He showed up sporting a neutral palette of hues, which accented his understated hipster look. The charcoal zip-front, string-hooded sweatshirt, over top a traditional grey band tee, paired with dark denim straight-leg jeans, and a healthy tan varietal of cool sneaker. Need I say more?




From there we took a walk into ‘out and about’ style, upscaled from the average jeans and tee look with this great just-structured-enough gray jacket. Dark denim and jacket give the look its spiff, washed out gray concert tee and black high top give it riff, for the perfect blend of grown up/hipster.