As long as we’re talkin’ reporters, let me introduce Jonathan Perry , enter stage left .




Having spent his previous life covering crime, politics and the military, Jonathan reports having done the only sensible thing, returning to his true love – music journalism – AFTER he hit 30. When he’s not haunting record shops hunting for rare vinyl, or hearing the next great band out at a club, he is the “Scene & Heard” correspondent for the Boston Globe reporting on local music. Though I never did get an EXACT age out of Jonathan, he did mention that he was still younger than Thurston, Kim and Bob Pollard.

He arrived in the studio “casual-chic”, with straight leg classic blue denim jeans, crew neck black cotton sweater and (if I might add) a totally cool pair of shoes that were something between a traditional leather wing tip and a fashion sneaker – with rust colored stitching to boot! These gents have great shoes across the board!


TIP: A great pair of shoes can actually MAKE an outfit, invest!





It only got better as the self-defined ‘coat-man’ donned his ‘on-the-beat’ duds – the same classic blue jean paired with a lemon-lime snap shirt, rust suede jacket to match the stitching on his shoes and, of course, the mark of a well-schooled outfitter, the BROWN belt. I was just hoping there was something nice he had to say about me in that little pad of his!

TIP: Brown, in every application, is a always a less harsh option than black for shoes, belts, jacket, tops, bottoms and especially in accessories as they tend to draw the eye to where the body area they cut across. A brown belt is always a good alternative to black.