And in case you were thinking that was a throwaway line about the coats, apparently this vintage green leather number was acquired in Spain, weighs about 17 pounds (I lifted it) and instantly transforms any old outfit into a totally hip ensemble. Which is NOT to say the viral blue of this cotton henley didn’t perfectly accent Jonathan’s baby blues, and his go-to denim and kick-ass brown boots didn’t finish off his daytime casual checking-out-the-record-stores look quite nicely.



In an attempt to catch Jonathan in his own habitat, we surrounded him with vinyl to see what would emerge… Black jeans, favorite vintage concert tee (definition: band no longer exists), the black and white rock-bowler chic shoe. Once again there was the great coat – leather fur trimmed collar bomber…oooh! I am a huge advocate of the ‘coat wardrobe’ – they’re not just for warmth anymore! And in this case, a picture speaks a thousand words.

TIP: Coats are not just for keeping warm, they are PART of your wardrobe EVERY DAY, like your hair. Take care to cultivate a small cadron of coats to top of your outfits and don’t fall into the habit of wearing the same one every day – boring!