Rocker Magazine, the only music and lifestyle magazine for and about hipsters 35-60 is seeking to expand its staff with new writers

We are seeking submissions / queries on the following topics:

Stories: Memoirs, op eds, etc. about the intersection of hipsterdom and aging, see our page for examples of already published work on this topic.

Health: Articles which pertain either to unique problems that ‘mature hipsters’ face (previous articles have been about hearing health and tattoo maintenance), or unique approaches to common health / fitness problems of the mature hipster set.

Style: Articles about fashion as it pertains to adults who are looking to be hip and stylish but are steering clear of looking like 20 year olds

Film and TV: Again, the intersection of hipsterdom, aging, music etc. is key.

General music reporting: record reviews, interviews, live reviews. Artists covered must be currently releasing or touring and be over 35 yrs of age.
Also seeking a columnist to handle an old band/new band column: sort of thing “if you like this band from the past, consider this new band from tomorrow”.
Rocker is focused on rock music, alternative, college radio, punk, and sometimes metal. Artists active from the 50’s to 90’s who are still playing are fair game.

Ideal candidates for addition to our staff would be “Mature hipsters” able to convey honest enthusiasm, fact checking accuracy, and thoughtful insight in a clever, kicky, and literate manner on the written page.

Send relevant writing samples, clips or any other supporting materials (no more than 3) to the editor at mzamar at rockerzine dot com subject line NEW WRITERS. If you have a query, please send!

Sadly, due to our current economic climate we cannot pay writers, but we do pay in glamour, stardom, and perks.