I don’t know when it started for me, but I had a feeling I was becoming an ‘oldster’ when I found myself scanning the audience at every rock show I attended and assessing the worth of a band based on the ‘broad generational appeal’ they had; evidenced by my relative feeling of being the oldest person in the room, or more happily ensconced ‘somewhere in the middle’. Ah, here we are, the over-30 love-music-too-much-to-quit-the-scene-sters. Thank god Rocker is here to help us embrace this new phase! I’ve been brought on board to help dress us through these times and keep the skinny jeans where they belong (firmly only on a twenty-something’s scrawn).


In part because I never get to write about them, and in part to expand our mature minds about who can be fashionable, I chose prominent MEN in Boston’s rock scene as the subject of this first style section and it turned out beautifully if I may say so myself! This was not in large part due to anything I had to offer in terms of fashion advice; that job was largely done after I decided whom to ask. After getting to spend an evening with a gaggle of attractive, knowledgeable and friendly fellows, I bring you some primo examples of how the over-40 set can out-rock the hipster of mini twenty-something. Introducing, 5 style icons for oldsters everywhere!