Next up, the youngster in the crowd at a mere 40, Geoff Edgers. A staff writer at the Boston Globe and star of “Do it Again”, a documentary about his attempt to reunite the Kinks.




Clearly Geoff has some experience in front of the camera (as well as with his wardrobe). He rolled in wearing a cool concert tee, aptly faded black jeans, a stunning pair of John Fluevog shoes, and his signature black rimmed glasses of course!


TIP: If you wear glasses, make them count! Don’t miss out on this great style accessory that we oldsters get to adopt by default!






He quickly spiffed up the look for a typical night out at a show with the addition of this awesome twin-striped leather jacket – stylistically something that falls between the nerd-chic of a bowling shirt and the “back off” look of a Harley jacket. Overall, impression-making!