Last but not least – and stealing the show by being so cool at age 50 – Adam Steinberg is an award-winning songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist with credits ranging from indie film and television to working with the Dixie Chicks. His most recent credits are teaching at MIT’s NuVu Studio and the fact that as a part of the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Sagan/Drake SETI transmission his guitar playing was transmitted millions of miles into space from the Arecibo Radio Telescope.



But what was he WEARING when his musical musings were comingling with stardust you ask?? He arrived in studio in what now appears to be the ‘oldster’ uniform: dark wash denim pant, grey tee, with charcoal unbuttoned button down overtop, and black Doc Martinesque/Fluevogian type shoe. They just never go out of style do they?


For an instant upgrade to a casual-cool going-out look, we added a longer leather jacket and voila! Mature hipster alert!




But, be forewarned ladies, this guy spiffs WAY up. When I asked him what he wears when something’s at stake (business-wise or otherwise) look what we got – this beautiful dark brown suit with stunning lavender button down – an outfit which could not have done a better job of accenting his big browns, fabulous hair and the softer side of his whole demeanor. Not to mention those shoes, those exquisite shoes!


He also does a more casual spiffed up look pretty well with this brown button down, tucked into dark wash denim, black belt for a dash of that cool brown/black mix, and the ever hipsteresque simple brown suede sneaker. Adam seems to have an intrinsic sense of how to use color to best effect given his own assets, and hats off to a job done well.


TIP: Black and brown mixed together are a great combination but everyone seems to need permission to put them together – you know you have a lot of both, so go ahead and blend them!

I knew I was in good hands when I called on these particular fellows as icons of oldster rockin’ style, but I never knew it would be THIS easy. Basically, I just ended up getting to spend an evening with five charmers in their undies. But believe me, I did it for your sakes! So let’s hope all you mature male hipsters out there can take some queues from this spread (both visually and highlighted in BOLD) from some of the leaders in the field.

As for the ladies, you can just be jealous that I got to do this. But be warned, you’re up next!