Former Squeeze frontman still killing it live - see the video and read more about our night here.

I owe the world of pop an apology.  Why have I not been keeping up with the career of Glenn Tilbrook, the honey voiced former lead singer of Squeeze?  I have no reasonable answer, and I am ashamed.

I was shown the light in two sets on a lovely fall night by the one-man, one-guitar, two-mismatched shoes pop assault Tilbrook passionately laid down to captivated fans at the Brighton Music Hall.  From Squeeze classics like “Tempted”, “Goodbye Girl”, and “Up The Junction,” delivered in pitch perfect tones, to bright new songs “Everybody Sometimes,” “Ray,” and the achingly perfect “Persephone” from his current release “Happy Ending” Tilbrook was a commanding stage presence, leading his breathless audience from one chipper guitar hook high to the next.  Friendly and charming from the stage, with hair flying wildly in the breeze provided by fans aimed directly at the singer, he waxed poetic with trivia about songs, life and career, involving the crowd in sing alongs they needed little prompting to join.

Still snoggable at 57, after the show the singer popped down to his immaculately manicured merch table to send fans home with autographed goodies, but for others he just merely sent us home with a fire in our hearts.  Was it the glowing coals of youthful crushes reignited, or the warming sensation of pop perfection we were feeling?   Is it important we discern the difference?  Probably not.