Yep, it’s new music from Boy George.  A pair of crooners that shows the Karma Chameleon’s voice has matured to strangely become that of a older African-American woman.  Is this the result of the hormone pills he must be taking to have grown that very brown beard?  Does everyone have to have a beard nowadays?
Sarcasm aside there is something awfully appealing about “King of Everything”, and follow up single “My God” if not only that they sound remarkably like they should be sung by Robbie Williams.  They’re the kind of songs that you can see having enormous success in the UK, but in the US?  Maybe not so much.  After all, this is the land of Duck Dynasty.
At the very least, this pair of videos shows us the one time Culture Club frontman still has a fantastic sense of style, and he’s got to be the first rock star over 50 we’ve seen in recent years wearing a hat not due to hair loss, but due to wanting to look snappy.  In your face Bret Michaels!  So hurrah for George, old blue eyes is back.
Boy George’s new album ‘This Is What I Do’ is due in the US late March, and out now in the UK.