The Who, McCartney, Madonna, Timberlake, Beyonce, GWAR!  
Who would have seen it coming that one small petition could blossom into a national movement to get everyone’s favorite Antartican horror-rockers to play the Superbowl? As the fever grows, it’s becoming more and more apparent not only that 45,000 GWAR fans can’t be wrong, but that the media actually likes the idea.
But for our purposes here at Rocker, we’re glad to see that ageism is no hurdle for these 43 billion year old rockers as they endeavor to make it to the big time. We talked to Jeff Cantrell, the man behind the petition, to hear more about how this so-wrong-it-must-be-right idea came together.




Rocker: How did you first come to the idea that GWAR would be the perfect fit for the Super Bowl?
Jeff: There was an article on screen junkies that said, “Bruno Mars Halftime pick, GWAR waits another year” And the author’s snark lit a powder keg of emotion inside of me.  I had to try to get GWAR to the super bowl.


Rocker: When you approached the band with your idea, how did that go?
Jeff: They wound up approaching me!  Everyone is really proud of how far it’s reached.


Rocker: How many folks have signed your petition right now and what is your goal?

Jeff: 45,471 with a goal of every man woman and child in the continental United States.


Rocker: Besides petitioning, what others hurdles does an artist have to scale to become a halftime band?
Jeff: Seemingly pleasing Roger Goodell.  I wonder if his staff hasn’t told him Bruno isn’t a chick.


Rocker: Have you been surprised at the media’s reaction to Gwar announcement that they are seeking to be the halftime superbowl band?
Jeff: Am I pleased?  Yes.  Surprised? No.  The Scumdogs of the Universe at the biggest gig in America?  It’s a fantastic idea.


Rocker: How will Gwar’s Antarctican citizenship impact their sympathies in the Super Bowl?  Will they come out in favor of one team or another?  Do you think they run the risk of being on the back end of a pro-American artist prejudice in the Superbowl artist-selection process?
Jeff: It’s well known Oderus has a soft spot for the Redskins.  GWAR are quite literally citizens of the world who have killed Osama Bin Laden several times over.  If that doesn’t make you an honorary American I don’t know what does.


Rocker: Are you more-concerned or less-concerned that with GWAR in the mix there could be another wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl?  
Jeff: GWAR’s battle tested wardrobe means no wardrobe malfunctions!


You can sign the petition to get GWAR to play the superbowl by visiting Bowl.