“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That’s right, I’m kicking off this review with a French proverb. But there is no phrase more apt when describing The Cult’s 9th album, “Weapon of Choice.” Filled with blisteringly classic Cult riffs from guitarist Billy Duffy, and Ian Astbury’s unmistakable vocal gravitas, just one listen brought me right back to the crush of the front at the Hollywood Palladium in 1985, seeing The Cult during the “Love” tour. Yes, the songs are familiar, but they are not quite tired. It just makes you feel better when you hear a band do what they do best.


While the band fall flat on Foo Fighters rip off “The Wolf” and “Wilderness Now,” under the guidance of production guru Bob Rock they shine on the rest of the album, crafting this throwback record for true rockaholics. Tracks like “Life > Death”, “Honey from a Knife” and bonus track “Siberia” kick listeners in the teeth but leave you with a bloody smile.


If you’re looking for something to kickstart your summer, “Choice of Weapon” is a good place to start. Get the family in the car, pop in the CD and turn it up to 11….and just DRIVE, my friend! The kids will stay quiet, and the road will rise up to meet you, and instantly you will feel like it’s 1986 and you’re in your Camaro (…or red Nissan Sentra) kicking ass and taking names! Get this record, and turn it up!