(Aging) punk (rockers) still scare people:
In Bath England, the local city council got their knickers in a twist over a proposed punk festival planned for the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend, June 2-4.  The Last Jubilee Festival was to feature bands including The Buzzcocks, The Selecter, The Damned, UK Subs, The Rezillos, 999, The English Beat, and The Anti Nowhere League among others, with proceeds to benefit an array of children’s charities that serve the disadvantaged. Though this bit of trivia shows how even 35 years after punk rock first exploded, it can still terrify certain individuals, we have to ask is that a bad thing, or a good thing or a bad thing?  Though we’re sad to hear about the concert falling through, we wonder if maybe it’s a bit of both?

New Music from Redd Kross, Ultravox, & Tom Jones:
Back from beyond, groovy brother act Redd Kross are (according to The Hype Machine) tearing up the blogosphere with news of their first album in 15 years Researching the Blues  to be released August 7 by the good people of Merge Records.  The lead single, which you can download here for free, is a glorious balls-out rattler with a snarky metal twist, demonstrating Steve and Jeff McDonald are getting even heavier with age.  Though we’ll always hold close to our hearts the band’s cover of Bewitched’s Cousin Serena hit “I’m Gonna Blow You A Kiss In The Wind,”  this may actually be better.

Elsewhere, the UK charts have been stormed this week by Ultravox, who released their first record since 1994, Brilliant, which entered the UK pop charts at #7 and Tom Jones’ Spirit In The Room which debuted at #8 in the UK album charts.  Is there nothing that can keep the Jones down? Both releases find the artists returning to a really classic form, with Ultravox releasing a record that would have easily fit in with releases from their prime, and Jones continuing down the spine tinglingly soulful track he started taking on 2010’s Praise and Blame.


How to taint young minds:
Instructables this week came up with how to make your own record for the venerable Fischer Price toy player from the 70’s.  Sadly, you will need to get yourself a CNC mill to make the record, which will run you nearly $1000, but on the upside, imagine the niece or nephew you can present with baby-fied versions of “I’m Straight” by The Modern Lovers, or “Personality Crisis by The New York Dolls.  For an investment, your ability to get your and others’ kids rocking to the right music is invaluable.


Amanda Palmer shows people will pay for music:
As much as recording artists are dismayed about not making the money they once did from album sales, one lady who knows zero about that is Amanda Palmer.  Having made over 1 million dollars (no really) in her recent Kickstarter campaign the 36 year old Dresden Doll showed that the money is out there, if you just know how to get people to open their wallets for it.  We’re just pleased to see that 37 people paid $5000 for an Amanda Palmer house party, and one did pay $10,000 for Palmer to paint their portrait and then have dinner and get drunk.  Ah, the new economy, you are amazing.
Of course not all news for musicians is great this week, as shown in a great article from The Austin Chronicle that showed just how much money bands make from plays on streaming music websites: 60,000 streams on Spotify will earn your band a paltry $342. Read the whole story here.

Coming Soon to A Venue Near You:
Legendary Boston Avant-New-Wave band Human Sexual Response announced they will reunite for a show in November, or at least so says former member Dini Lamot who created an event page for the band’s show this week.  We’re wondering if all original members will be in this or what?  Breaths are held!


Speaking of verified reuniting, legendary slowcore band Codeine hit the road this week for the first time in… a LONG TIME.  Rocker talked to Chris Brokaw about the re-release of the band’s albums and the band reforming to play live, you can read all about it here: and check when Codeine will be in your neck of the woods on our tour listings page


Bob Dylan + Obama BFF
Yep, Bob Dylan was the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom this week, joining other a list of other awardees including Count Basie, Yo Yo Ma, Frank Sinatra, and BB King. Interestingly, Dylan would appear to be the first “rock” recipient of the award.  We must reckon, with the first young-ish president in the white house in a long time maybe for the Medal of Freedom the times they are a’changin’?