It becomes obvious to anyone who watches Jon Mikl Thor work that he is a true showman who commits himself to his craft 100%. No matter how rockin’, strange or downright goofy his craft gets, he’s right there in it, and that pulls the audience right in with him. We dare you to go to one of his shows and not get caught up in the fun. With that said, what follows is a non-exhaustive, completely un-chronological sampler of what we feel are some of the highlights of THOR’s career. There is an embarrassment of riches in the THOR catalog, so this list is meant to introduce the neophyte to what may very well become a lifelong journey into the world of THOR. DO YOU accept the Challenge?

“We Accept the Challenge” (1987)
From the ROCK n’ ROLL NIGHTMARE Soundtrack

For our money, this is a great starting point for a journey into the mystery that is THOR. This song (performed by THOR as “TRITONZ”) is featured in the pivotal scene of THOR’s epic film, the self-penned heavy metal horror masterpiece “Rock N’ Roll Nightmare” (aka “The Edge of Hell”). It’s a scene that is so mind-blowing, so audacious and so muscle-rockin’ that it has to be seen to be believed. For the handful of you who haven’t seen RnRN yet (available on DVD, so no excuses), we’re not going to spoil it for you by showing you the AWESOME footage from the film, so instead take a listen to this spoiler-free YouTube clip (but seriously, you need to see this movie).

“Keep the Dogs Away” (1978)
Official Music Video (available on the “An-THOR-Logy” DVD)

THOR’s first album “Keep the Dogs Away” is a heavy platter that really kicks ass. More slinky and hard rock than THOR’s later heavy metal records, “Dogs” has a dark, sexy sound that recalls UK junkshop glam and the stateside 70s glam rock sound of Alice Cooper’s early records (but maybe with a little extra “muscle”). This track pretty much sums up the album’s no-nonsense attitude, but don’t worry THOR fans — there’s still plenty of flexin’ and musculatin’ for all!

*Also check out: “Sleeping Giant”, “Catch a Tiger”

“Action” (1976)
Video, live on the Merv Griffin Show

There is perhaps no YouTube clip that illustrates Jon Mikl Thor’s circuitous road to the spotlight better than this one. “Action” shows a young Thor performing his spangled ass off and desperately trying to squeeze some rock out of the hopeless Vegas-esque backing band that Merv Griffin had saddled him with. And all the while, the Watermelon Mountain Jug Band (?) looks on, bemused. Here’s the amazing thing is: the feats of strength that THOR performed in this clip are still in his rotation (as the writers of this article can attest). If this weird, “glam rock-meets-powder blue tux” moment were Thor’s only contribution to pop culture, it would be more than most entertainers achieve in a lifetime. Luckily for all of us, this was only the beginning of THOR’s exploits.

“Knock them Down” (1985)
Official Music Video (available on the “An-THOR-Logy” DVD)

More heavy metal hijinx from Jon Mikl and the boys, this music vid has a sci-fi sorcery plot that would make both Ronnie James Dio and Duran Duran blush. Also notable for the really loud sound effects that play over the music and 8-bit computer graphics. The companion video for “Anger” is equally ridiculous, rockin’ and fun. We can’t state this enough: the “Only the Strong” album is just chock full of metal brilliance (so get it already!).

*Also see “Anger” Official Music Video

“Let the Blood Run Red” (1984)
Video, Live at Camden Palace, London England

By the time the 80s had rolled around, THOR had evolved into a heavy metal beast with a blistering assault that fit in seamlessly with the NWOBHM acts from the UK, and this clip shows the band reveling in the adoration of the London metal faithful, blasting tracks like this one from the 1983 album “Only the Strong”.

*Also check out “Warhammer”, “Thunder on the Tundra”

THOR performing feats of strength (2009)
Live in Sweden

Here’s a more recent clip of Jon Mikl Thor doing what he does best: entertaining by any means necessary. Still bending metal, still blowing minds. Featuring the great Steve Price on guitar, playing the same instrumental interlude that has accompanied this shtick for over 30 years. If THOR comes to your town, do yourself a favor and go.


Here’s a great interview that THOR did with Amanda Redington back in 1985. Enjoy (and marvel at the Thunder God’s perfect metal hair)!

Our pick: The Must-Have DVD for any Thor fan, An-THOR-logy: 1976 – 1985