Therapeutic tunes for the old rocker's soul

We hear that music can soothe even the most noxious of troubles, and boy howdy last night’s election sure is some of that.

To wit the Rockerzine staff has put together this playlist of music to express our anger, hurt, nausea, and resolve as we face the next president.  You’ll find over an hour of tracks here from David Bowie, X, The Dead Kennedys, Fear, Fishbone, The Jam, Fugazi, The Stooges, Ministry, The Clash, The Mountain Goats and even The Temptations.  Tracks both old and new school that seem to suit the situation.

Feel free to post some songs you’d add in the comments.

Thanks again to our staff: Tom Lawton, Joe Gallo, Tom Verre, Andrew Osborne, Brett Milano, Whitney Rearick, Amy Prohaska, and Erin Amar who came up with this list.