Fresh Blood worth drinking from The Electric Six? We say yes!

Whoever thought that the Detroit / NYC joke-rock band Electric Six would be one of the hardest working bands around? After breaking through in spectacularly silly fashion with their 2003 hits “Danger,” “High Voltage,” and cult hit “Gay Bar,” the music industry left the band behind for a number of years. Like British band The Darkness, adoration of Electric Six’s tongue-in-cheek stylings proved to be short lived. 2004 brought back the more sincere form of eighties indie/new wave, pioneered by The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Modest Mouse, leaving Electric Six feeling more like a novelty.

But part of the band’s charm was the fact that they never took anything particularly seriously, using their genre-bending songs (coupled with controversial music videos), that pushed the boundaries of what MTV and Kerrang would show in the middle of the day. Since their mid-noughties heyday, the band have refused to cash out their brief time in the limelight. Since their debut, “Fire”, Electric Six have released 11 albums, the latest of which: “Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres”, may push them back towards the mainstream.

The formula hasn’t necessarily changed, flouting influences from garage to disco, punk rock and jazz, it’s hard to pin them down. Yet, they’re successful in using their new release as a platform to showcase how well they can write a straight up pop song. The album opens with the new wave intro “Acid Reducer”, a pleasant loop of synths projecting familiar melodies and moods. It’s a great, un-showy set up for the second track “The Number of the Beast”, a song that sounds like Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys are having a screaming match after their cars crashed into one another. Subsequent tracks, “Mood is Improving”, “(Be My) Skin Caboose”, and “I Got the Box”, are a sharp reminder that the band’s true talent lies in creating distinctive, off kilter pop songs.

“Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres” has Electric Six sounding like a band reinvigorated. There’s an effortlessness to the production that only a band that didn’t have the pressure of recapturing past glories can make. In saying that, if “Fresh Blood for Tired Vampires” was the band’s next release after “Fire”, those glories would have lasted a while longer.


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