Fear not Fathers Day gift givers! We have you covered!

Fathers, they’re tough. Sometimes it seems the only presents they really want at any time of year is a 6-pack of quality beer and for you to stay out of jail. They’re not hard to please, but this Father’s Day, don’t they deserve a little more?

Presented below, a small selection of swank stuff for your Dad, your Babydaddy, or just yourself. After all, it’s never the wrong time to celebrate how much you rock!


Little Richard Vintage Suitcase from LowLevel – $120 – BUY IT HERE
They say the suitcase makes the man, and so this unbelievably cool suitcase from Philly’s LowLevel is sure to establish your father as some kind of rock star, even if he only drags it out on trips to visit his in-laws. Bonus, if your father is named Richard, and short of stature, this could be doubly good.

Dad_Skull_soapSoap On A Rope Skull by Dembones – $10 – BUY IT HERE
Black as a pirate’s heart, but clean like how your father would like your credit rating so he won’t have to co-sign for that used car you need to buy. If you must buy your Father a gift that says “wash up” there can hardly be one cooler than this.


A Subscription to Night Flight Plus – $29.99 / year – BUY IT HERE
If your Dad is a cult classic, this is the freaky little station for him. Resurrected from the 1980s, Night Flight Plus provides commercial free gorging on both vintage punk rock programming and new weirdo features streaming direct to your computer and over Roku. Night Flight plus will keep your Dad knee deep in outsider entertainment which he can frighten your mother with, and call you on the phone to discuss on Sunday afternoons. Bonus, with the 1 year subscription you get a free DVD for you.


BBQ – Rockin’ Fork from Gama Go – $20 – BUY IT HERE
Who gives a fork? Your Dad. And with summer coming up, this fine sign-of-the-horns grilling fork will remind your Pop that even when he overcooks the steaks, you still think he rocks.

Milhouse devo

Milhouse Devo Pin – $10 from Dropped Pin – BUY IT HERE
There are some mashups that don’t work, and others which are sheer genius. This image of The Simpsons’ Milhouse wearing Devo’s energy dome is the latter. Tell your Dad to throw this sweet enamel decoration on his suit lapel and watch him command respect down at the office.

Sun Ra

Sun Ra’s Saturnia Perfume – $13 – BUY IT HERE
This heady cologne packed with the scent of nerioli and bitter orange is suitable for both gents and ladies, but most importantly it’s inspired by beloved otherworldly rocker Sun Ra (Arkestra sold separately).


The DadBox by Rockerzine- $35 – BUY IT HERE
OK, we hate to brag, but this fun grab bag of rock n’ roll stuff we vend is worth checking out. A Springsteen bio, a John Lennon DVD, rocking comic book and more surprises,… You don’t have to be a Dad to give this one to yourself.