Hydration! Vitamins! Fun! How to Rumble without killing yourself along the way!

For 37 years, the Rock n’ Roll Rumble has been THE event for local bands to prove their mettle; a week-plus marathon of aspiring artists hoping to win cash, prizes, and your heart. Kicking off at the ONCE Ballroom in Somerville on Sunday April 3rd, the event promises lots of rock and roll fun for all, as 24 bands duke it out over 9 nights.

What’s that? 9 nights? Yes, that’s what we wrote.

Afraid that volume of good times might be too much for even a seasoned concertgoer like yourself?

We hear you.

If you’re gonna make it to the end of this music fest without dying, you’re gonna need the help of a local rock n’ roll professional! So we turned to WMFO DJ JoEllen from “On the Town with Mikey Dee” to hear her tips of how to rumble safe!

(PS – Need tickets? You should enter our drawing for tix every night HERE – after all, your money can only hold out so long!)


1. The Rumble is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re going to need all of your rock and roll athletic skills to make it through without becoming sick, a jerk, or a sick jerk. Take it easy – don’t drink too much alcohol, and don’t say up until 3AM if you have to get to work before noon. Oh, and speaking of getting up for work,…

2. Who has the option to Work From Home occasionally? If that’s you, pick a day now! I suggest Tuesday or Friday. Knowing you have at least one day where you don’t have to put on pants will give you another thing to smile about while you’re waiting for the next night of rock.

3. Clean up your bedroom. When ‪#‎Rumble2016‬‬ Preliminary week starts, zero cleaning will happen. You’ll want to come home to a non-pigsty each night. By the end of the week, it will be the disaster it usually is, don’t worry.

4. Lay in supplies to stay healthy – vitamins and whatever concoctions you use to keep a cold from settling in.

5. A 6 pack of large Smart Waters in your car wouldn’t be a bad idea. Or at your desk. Or near your bed. Split them up how you like. Hydration is important!

6. There will be a horrid temptation to eat like a starving college student as the week wears on. We’re not in our 20s any more, so cut that shit out. Go pick up some pre-made healthy meals to have on hand, and resist the urge to eat like an idiot. Which leads me to…

7. Don’t forget to eat dinner! Take it from someone who has forgotten to eat dinner, then forgot that she forgot, too many times. We’ll be fine, though. ONCE will have tacos available every night. One taco can make all the difference (the next day).

8. Bring EP money. I love a good EP – a handful of songs for a cheap price. An EP will be the equivalent of catching lightning in a bottle for the band – a moment in time.

9. Rock fashion is fun! You have many nights to try out all your best outfits, parade all your kicks, or dig out old band tshirts to display (on yourself). Fashion can be a conversation starter! Go for it. The Rumble comes but once a year. Show your sassy self off.

10. The photo booth is ridiculous and fun. Grab a friend, or make a friend, and get at least 1 photo done. You Were Here!

And most importantly…

11. Finish your taxes. You don’t want to deal with that while recovering from Preliminary Week!