Robyn picks his best, and they're not what you expect!

When Rocker recently sat down to chat to Robyn Hitchcock we asked him what he thought his best songs were and he came back with a cool trove of lesser known tracks. Collected here are videos of his favorites, you can stream them together HERE as a YouTube playlist.

“I don’t think my best songs were the ones that were on the radio. Or even the ones that they like in the history books or the ones that people are directed to. The things I like of mine are actually probably more obscure, none of them are probably in the top ten best known Robyn Hitchcock songs.”

“Autumn Is Your Last Chance” from “I Often Dream Of Trains”

“I Don’t Remember Gilford” from “Storefront Hitchcock”

“Airscape” from “Elements Of Light”

“Insanely Jealous” from The Soft Boys,

“New York Doll” from “Olé! Tarantula,” and

“Sometimes A Blonde” from “Spooked.”