Brother Cleve gives us a Bowie inspired cocktail to toast his life and legacy

With so many tributes to the legacy of David Bowie in full force, one must ask, what would be the right cocktail to celebrate the man with?  For answers we turn to master mixologist Boston’s own Brother Cleve for the recipe for an inspired cocktail.

Bowie drink


I realize that David Bowie had stopped drinking years before his death, but in light of the efforts to have Jack & Coke rechristened “The Lemmy” a friend inspired me to create a cocktail called The Thin White Duke

My Concept:

A Duke would drink cognac and sherry, that is until he went to America, where he would enjoy the rebel/rebel-lious taste of bourbon. While living in Berlin, the Duke would always enjoy a digestive of bitter Kräutorlikör. And while absinthe was illegal during much of the Duke’s reign, it’s essences of wormwood and star anise are flavors used here to enhance this libation. Yuzu? Like some cat from Japan…


1.5 oz Cognac
.75 oz Oloroso Sherry (Lustau East India Solera preferred)
.5 oz Rebel Yell bourbon 
.25 oz Jäegermeister (or available Kräutorlikör)
Sugar cube
Dash Wormwood Bitters
Dash Peychauds Bitters
Dash Yuzu juice

Drop sugar cube in rocks glass and soak with the combination of bitters and Yuzu. Muddle until dissolved.
Add cognac, sherry, bourbon, and Kräutorlikör to glass
Drop large single ice cube into glass and stir vigorously.
Play “Rebel Rebel” on the hi-fi.
Repeat until you fall to earth


Brother Cleve is a musician, DJ, record producer, writer and connoisseur of fine cocktails.  Keep up to date with him at