Lingerie advertisements and collection showcases are some of the most popular and widely exposed elements of fashion. However, for the most part, they also tend to be geared toward the relatively small portion of the population that have perfect bodies! For example, Victoria’s Secret is great as a store, but its constant ads and annual lingerie fashion shows set a bit of an intimidating standard, and gear the product toward young, impeccably fit women. The fact is, however, the right lingerie can be sexy for anyone, even if you’re a bit past your youth, or your body is less than perfect.
The true point of sexy lingerie is in emphasizing your own beauty and sexiness – not in imitating a runway model. Now, for some lucky women, these ideas are one and the same. But meanwhile, here are a few lingerie tips and ideas for the rest of us!
Embrace Flowing Lingerie
This is by no means to suggest that you should seek to hide your body. However, if you feel that you don’t quite have the perfect body or the most flawless curve, free-flowing lingerie can be an excellent solution. These items – think babydolls – are irresistibly cute and sexy, but don’t depend entirely on the shape or appearance of your body. Adam & Eve has some great examples to look through if this is an idea you haven’t considered before.
Highlight Your Best Features
Not being 20 years old and in the best shape of your life doesn’t mean that you don’t have a few bodily features that are still quite stunning. For different women, this means different things of course, but the point is that your lingerie purchases can be geared toward emphasizing your best feature. This can keep you feeling sexy and looking amazing.
Embrace Bodily Change
The Breast Life mentions this tip in some detail with specific regard to bras, and really it’s the probably the most important concept of all. As you age, your body is going to change even if you work hard to stay in good shape. One example is that your breasts will naturally change shape, losing a bit of “fullness” and gaining a bit of heft in all likelihood, and your lingerie choices should reflect this change with increased support.
Dark Colors Are Slimming
Finally, for a very simple tip to make use of in your next shopping trip, without a ton of focus on specific bodily changes or efforts, always remember that dark colors are slimming! This doesn’t mean that everything in your lingerie drawer has to be jet black, of course, but if you’d like to keep yourself looking as slim as possible dark colors can help in a fairly major way.