Being the Editor of Rockerzine comes with a price, occasionally the music legends I interview pass away.  Such is what happened with noted rock entrepreneur Marty Thau, who ascended to that big record store in the sky last Thursday, February 13th, 2014, he was 75.
I was lucky to interview Marty twice: once to publish an excerpt from a biography he was trying to write, detailing his love of garage legends The Fleshtones, and a second time to get him to tell his story of managing the New York Dolls.  When I talked to Thau, he confided that he had been in ailing health for a few years, and I sensed he was eager to have his story told, and his legend memorialized.  Being able to offer such a thing to an icon whose curtain was about to draw, is possibly the one thing that makes writing of his passing not quite as bitter.
Links to the articles are here:
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