Winter.  It has its charms.  Cocoa, snow, getting drunk at home with a loved one and falling asleep in front of the TV.  While many are not crazy about being cold, shoveling out their car, or toppling over on patch of black ice, perhaps the worst part of a winter is the feeling you are never going to be attractive again.  After all, if winter clothes were designed to make you look gorgeous, brides would wear snorkel jackets and Uggs down the aisle.
But fear not gentle reader, Rocker is here to save the day! We’ve turned to our most stylish staff and asked for their tips on not giving up on style, even when the weather is less than agreeable.  Read their collected wisdom below, and soon no matter what old man winter has in store for you, it’ll feel like 72 degrees in your head, every day!


Outerwear: Go With Vintage!
Winter comes with its own set of fashion challenges, not the least of which is looking great on a budget.  A fabulous coat often comes with an eyebrow-raising price tag.  However, there is no need to give up and purchase something boring and utilitarian.  Do you have older relatives or family friends?  Raid their closets!  I found this faux fur beauty, from Young Swinger by Russel Taylor, in my aunt’s closet!  Purchased sometime in the 1960s in Las Vegas at the Sands Hotel Inner Circle, all it needed was a $35 trip to the dry cleaner and it was as good as new, and warm enough to get me through the coldest New York days.  If you lack this sort of access, amazing vintage coats turn up all the time in the thrift stores.  If it fits, and the condition is good, it can be a penny-wise way to find a signature style piece.  – KCP

Layers:  Go Under and Wear Your Style Over!
If you want to wear a fun jacket instead of a big bulky coat, wear a well-insulated vest (or a fleecey jacket) underneath the outer jacket. It’s just another form of layering, but it enables you to put your style on the outside, rather than hiding it under your otherwise less-than-stylish winter coat.  – KT

Touch Gloves: Not Just For Wangs and Freaks!
I used to think that touch gloves were only for two types of people: wangs who work in finance, due to the fact that most of them (the gloves, not the wangs) are typically black and sewn from boring fabrics; and cell-addicted freaks who can’t stay away from texts, tweets, and status updates for even a few moments. To my surprise, this winter I learned that I’ve become the latter!  I’m embracing my addiction with these boss Echo Touch Gloves, which combine warmth, style, and the ability to thrill to a friend’s Facebook photos of her breakfast sandwich without getting cold hands. They are really comfy and soft, and they let you easily swipe across the screen of a phone or tablet. Available in nearly a dozen candy colors, from grape to aquamarine, as well as a few neutral ones (heather gray, white, camel) – for the wang in your life. – EO

Hats: For ladies!
As a dyed-in-the-wool California girl, the idea of getting bundled up to leave the house when the temperature drops below, oh, 60 degrees, fills me with dread.  However, one does need to find the motivation to go out occasionally during the winter months.  One trick I enjoy is taking cold weather fashion inspiration from the movies.  Hats can be found inexpensively and, whether you’re channeling Julie Christie‘s Bolshevik Revolution chic from “Dr. Zhivago” or Loretta Young’s 1940s glamour from “The Bishop’s Wife,” your head stays warm while you imagine yourself in scenes with Cary Grant or Omar Sharif.  Whether film noir or technicolor, classic films are loaded with wintertime fashion ideas, so turn on TCM and get inspired until you have to venture out into the chill!  – KCP

Hats: For gents!
A wise man once said: “Once you go hat, you never go back.”  OK, nobody ever said that, but it is true.  Just like the fact that most of your heat is lost through your head.  OK, actually, according to the New York Times that’s not true either, but after reading that article, would you really think of leaving the house barefoot or gloveless and expect to remain warm just because you’re wearing a jacket?  Stylish hats can make you look suave, and gentlemanly while serving the practical purpose of keeping snowflakes off your noggin.  Worried about hathead? Keep your hair short in the winter and your problem is solved. Losing your hair?  Hats fix that problem too – so long as you don’t take ‘em off. – EA
Legwear layers: Don’t put away your dresses!
Skirts and dresses are fabulous and feminine, but in the winter, it’s often just too damn cold for them.  That’s why layering winter-weight tights can give you a welcome break from heavy clothes while letting you still look cute.  Double up and layer sweater tights, wool tights, or the new warm item on the block, fleece lined tights. For added zazz, top them off with a 3rd layer – a contrast color crochet / lace / fishnet  tight.  Voila!  You’re now cozy, stylish and not wearing pants! – EA
About the style experts:
Kris Thompson is a Boston-based Musician, and member of  Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders, The Prefab Messiahs, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Abunai! and a founding member of Nisi Period. His photo is by Mistress Laura (WMBR).
Kelly Camille Patterson is an actress, blogger, and hostess of The Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en.
Eugénie Olson is the author of five books, including “The Pajama Game” and “Love in the Time of Taffeta.
Erin Amar is the Editor in Chief of