At a time of year where most people are looking back on the previous year (and trying to figure out what the hell happened)  At Rocker we’re looking forward to 2014 and the new music that is about to (and rumored to be about to) come out.


January has never been a popular time to put out new music.  But the end of 2014’s first month promises a new release from Blondie.  Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke offer up “Ghosts Of Download” which features a modern take with a retro vibe.
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F-Deluxe, the band of Prince proteges formerly known as The Family, is putting out not one, but two new CDs in February.  One live–called “Live & Tight.” The other a collection of cool ass covers called “AM Static.”
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Speaking of Prince, the purple one released a slew of cool singles in 2013–”Rock & Roll Love Affair,” “Extra-lovable,” “Breakfast Can Wait” & “Screwdriver” with his new ensemble Third Eye Girl.  But no album.  2014  promised a full length CD that may or may not feature re-recorded re-imagined versions of his earlier hits.  The group’s thunderous and murky live take on “Let’s Go Crazy” needs to be on CD.
Stream new music at the Third Eye Girl website

Misogynistic, ballistic and hedonistic easy describe “All You Can Eat”, the latest from comedy based Sunset Strip 1980s hair band Steel Panther.  This, their third studio CD is the filthiest and funniest thing you’ll hear in 2014.  All produced with a pristine sonic vintage metal sound.  Songs like “Gang Bang At The Old Folks Home” and “Bukkake Tears”  will have you laughing and cringing while banging your head.  Just remember not to play it while your kids are in the car.  Due late February.
Hear more at the Steel Panther website

Neil Finn, the pop maestro behind Split Enz and Crowded House has already carved a special  place into my power pop loving heart.  Never one to deliver anything but genius, Finn drops his latest solo disc:  “Dizzy Heights” in late February.
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No one can tell a story like downtown hipster folksinger Suzanne Vega.  Her latest CD: “Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles”  is out February 7th.
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April sees the the biggest band in the world U2 releasing a yet untitled new studio disc produced by  musical madman  Danger Mouse. Bono recently commented that the band is “In No Rush” to release the CD until “It is completely ready” so it may (or may not) come out until June.
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Away from producing U2, Danger Mouse has re-teemed up with James Mercer of The Shins for the second full length CD as Broken Bells named “After The Disco.” If the first single “Holding On For Life” is any indication of what’s to come then we can expect the duo to get funkin’ funky.  Out in February or March.
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All this, plus there will be new CDs from Beck, Imogen Heap, Nena, The Presidents Of The United States, St. Vincent, No Doubt and even Guns N Roses to look forward to.  Here’s to hoping your 2014 Rocks!