Sometimes, just when you’re sitting there thinking there’s nothing new to get excited about, something will come along that’s so good you can hardly believe it’s happening. That’s how I felt when I came across a new web series called “RuPaul Drives” where RuPaul actually drives someone somewhere and they talk in the car. Umm, is this a service? Like, could I get RuPaul to drive me to Ikea because I’ve had dreams like that and it’d be pretty awesome if that turned out to be prophetic. But until that happens I will point you towards episode 2 of the series in which RuPaul drives punk legend Henry Rollins to go pick up some artwork he’s purchased. So RuPaul and Henry Rollins are together in a car and if your head hasn’t exploded yet, hold on because their conversation is about relationships. Yes, RuPaul thinks it’s time that Henry opened himself up to the possibility. Henry’s not sure he has the courage or moral fortitude for that. So the same Henry Rollins I’ve heard talking about having no fear when traveling to war-torn countries in the Middle East is still not sure about this whole “relationship” business. RuPaul understands. And if RuPaul and Henry Rollins admit that they have a hard time allowing themselves to be vulnerable in a relationship, maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad about my failures. Although I would dearly love to see the entire unedited conversation, the webisode is less than 5 minutes and it’s definitely worth watching.