Our 2012 Gift Guide!

Christian, Jewish, religious abstainer, yep you know what time it is. It’s time to show people you like, that you like them by giving ‘em a present.  While some find this task to be on par with getting stuck with a hot poker in their sugarplum, down here at Rocker we’ve been hard at work compiling our list of things we think are the most awesome to give, or, um, ADD to your list for Santa.  After all, you weren’t good all year for no reason, right?  Click a category, or scroll to see ‘um all! (Psst – every item’s buy link can be had by clicking the item’s title)

Thanks to our top notch gift guide team – Keith Valcourt, Amy Prohaska, Melissa Starker, Kelly Patterson, Erin Amar, Phillip Raskin, JoEllen Yannis, and Michael Versandi









Not Freddie Mercury, but an Incredible Simulation. Also, a fish.
Butch Merman Christmas Ornament from the Diamonds of the Sea Collection – appeals to a very specific demographic (Disco Loving Night Club Mermaids from 1975) and can be yours for the low price of $32.00! – MV

Anarchy In The Toy Store?
No one would have ever imagined that The Sex Pistols would have ended up as vinyl toys, but the folks at Funko have created these Pop Vinyl punk rock playthings of Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and Steve Jones (what no Paul Cook?) (or Glen Matlock? – Ed)  Each stand just under four inches tall and are ready to rock your toy collection.  – KV

Cassette Tape Pillow

Fans of old school music will appreciate this homage to the beloved cassette tape. Maybe spring for 2 so you can have an A Side and B Side displayed on your couch. Cost is $20  – AP

Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Trays – $11.49
Need a hostess gift for a holiday cocktail party? What about Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Trays? Almost Bumble-like in their appearance, we don’t know if they bounce or not.   – AP

Hand Blown Tiki Mug – $38
For the cocktail / tiki lover on your list. What a great way to say “Mele Kalikimaka” on this bright Hawaiian Christmas morn, than a Hand-Blown Glass Tiki Mug based on a vintage 1940s Japanese Tiki Mug? Every drink will taste better in this mug.  – AP

Hostess Sno Balls:
HOLY F*CK HOSTESS IS CLOSING.  Luckily, Hostess cakes are full of so many freaky chemicals if you buy some now, they’ll last you through retirement, and still remain as fresh and perky as ever.  Though many may have a more delicious Hostess treat they’d recommend for consumption, there is not one more festive than the Hostess Sno-Ball.  Coming in at less than $2, there is no other gift so cheap that can bring such a big grin from the recipient.   After this, you better learn to love Drake’s. – EA

Zombie Tarot Cards – $16.95
Any Walking Dead fans on your shopping list? Here’s something that has a lot of zombie appeal, the Zombie Tarot. Undead characters and images come to life in these cards! – AP

“Come on and Make a Mess of Me” Dayna Kurtz Tea Towel – $7
Soulful NYC chanteuse Dayna Kurtz offers up this sweet little embroidered tea towel on her bandcamp site, featuring lyrics from her song “Love Gets in The Way”. It seems unlikely we could find anything more deserving to wipe away our tears with this holiday season. – EA


Officially Licensed “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” Moose Mugs
Hipsters of a certain age grew up with National Lampoon’s “Vacation” films and for many of them “Christmas Vacation” has become a holiday tradition.  Now those hipsters can enjoy their eggnog (or whatever else they may enjoy imbibing) in the same Wally World mugs as Clark Griswold.  Available for $39.95 (free shipping) from Amazon.com, they’re the next best thing to an actual visit to the (fictional) amusement park. – KP

Daily Disaster Interactive Refrigerator Magnets
How often do you get to choose your daily disaster?  These magnets from Keep The Faye turn it into a game with choices ranging from running out of gin to disco to shark attacks.  At $7.95 they make a great gift for any paranoiacs and friends who spend their days waiting for the sky to fall. – KP

Speaker Of The House
Made from ultra-sleek aircraft grade aluminum, the Braven 600 is more than just a speaker for streaming music from your bluetooth device, it’s a killing machine! Okay, not really, but it is an uber cool looking and even cooler sounding musical output device.  The built in high fidelity speakers blast top quality tunes into your world while taking up a minimum amount of space. – KV

Steak Saws
Looking for the perfect manly gifts for the manly man in your life?  Check out these DCI Steak Saws.  They come in a set of four and are a cut above most knifes.  These durable dinner tools are sure to start a conversation while slicing your steaks but good.  – KV

Manly Frames
Even dudes have photos that need framing.  But most are girly and sweet.  That’s what makes this Wilco Imports reclaimed wrench frame a must for the guy on your list. He can use it to frame a picture of his kids, mom or if he’s a real man — his car.   – KV

Case Closed
There are literally thousands of cases out there for laptops, phones and i-Pads.  But none as clever and cool as the line of cases made by Sprayground, who use ultra hip graphics, and sturdy design, to turn your portable device into a work of art.  Our favorite is the “Game Over” i-Pad protector.  – KV

Blowfly Bobblehead
He was the original dirty rapper and he probably invented the genre of hip hop.   So it only makes sense that he would get his own bobble head.  This well-crafted hand painted figure is a funky edition to Cult Collectibles line of underground bobble heads which includes G.G. Allin and Dolemite. – KV

Phone Home!
Remember when a telephone didn’t look like a bar of soap? The SwissVoice Epure Bluetooth station allows your to use your modern phone with all the comforts of retro calling.  Just connect your iPhone into the SwissVoice cradle and pick up the receiver for clear crisp calls.  You can also use it as a speakerphone for hands free calls or stream your music. – KV



Luxury Leather Guitar Strap & Cuffs from Volume and Tone
We love it when Rockers get involved with making awesome things for other Rockers – so that’s why Volume and Tone’s collection of luxury guitar straps and sexy cuffs to match make us smile. No trip to Hot Topic this, these yummy artisanally tanned accessories are designed by Punk legend George Tabb (Roach Motel, Furious George, Maximum Rock and Roll,…) and famed Accessories Designer Elena Humphreys. Whether you’re a pro (like The Dead Boys Jeff Mangum, who’s a fan of the brand) or dreaming of being one we suggest you splash out. Like they say, leather wears better than dreams.

Mini Theremin – $40
For fans of space music and sound effects from old science fiction movies, the perfect gift is a a Mini Theremin. Easy to assemble and perfect for anyone wanting to channel their inner Leon Theremin. – AP

Guitar Pick Punch:
What a perfect match of austerity measures! On one hand you get to destroy your credit cards so you don’t overspend, on the other you get to make them into something useful – guitar picks! Only problem: If you are an actual musician, you may have no credit cards to begin with, but don’t worry, we’re sure your girlfriend has one. – EA

Derek Art Bongos – $600
Everyone thinks they can play the bongos, and with these on your lap nobody is going to challenge your authority. Hand painted by heir apparent to the Jay Ward legacy, artist Derek Yangier, these groovy skins will make you the envy of every hip cat and kitten within 100 miles. Only possible problem: you still can’t really play the bongos. – EA

Beach Boys Business Card
In tracking down odd rock collectibles, I ran across this, which while a bit older than our usual artists in Rocker, still gets used today. It’s an original business card for those then just-starting-out surfing harmonizers The Beach Boys, who were/are apparently available “for your entertainment pleasure.” Doubtful the olde-tyme alphabetic prefix phone number still works, but it is interesting to see how Brian was even then, at least layout-wise, the center of the band. A mere $900 to impress the person or two per year who will see it at your house and find it interesting. Or perhaps you can carry it around in your wallet and see if you can get them gigs – remember to ask for your 10 percent cut! -PR

“Old Man Drinks” by Robert Schackenberg
There’s no questioning that when it comes to being salty old drunks, nobody has the market cornered like grandpa, so this tome of recipes for drinks to put hair on your chest is a must-own for young people (you know, under 60) who hope to one day perfect that bachelor-uncle-who- was-once-in-the-merchant-marines vibe. Bonus: Quotes from drinkers inside include gems like this “Remember governor Bill Weld? If you could go out drinking until late and still make it to work the next day you were okay in his book. Same for me” – EA

“Adventures of A Waterboy” by Mike Scott – $20
For the book lover/rock n roll/Waterboys fan on your list. I caught Mike Scott of The Waterboys on his recent book reading and acoustic music tour and promoting “Mike Scott: Adventures of A Waterboy” and can tell you the excerpts from his book were funny and warm; wry and filled with heart. – AP

VHS Notebook – $19
For the writer on your list (or maybe the old kitsch fan). How about a Video Notebook? It’s a lined notebook that looks like a VHS Tape and comes in a cardboard VHS Case. – AP

“Merry F**kin’ Christmas” by Dennis Leary
The acerbic comic turned “Rescue Me” star’s latest venture is a kid’s book about the most holy of holidays. But don’t worry Leary hasn’t gone soft. This laugh out loud book is filthy funny and not something to read to your little ones on Christmas eve. – KV

“Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC” by Mark Evans
For a few brief and shining years at the band’s beginning Mark Evans was the bass player for rock’s greatest creation – AC/DC. This insider’s look at the band during the Bon Scott era is packed with debauchery and deceit. A must read for any fans of the legendary Aussie rockers. – KV

“Ticket Masters: The Rise Of The Concert Industry And How The Public Got Scalped” by Dean Budnick and Josh Baron
How did Ticketmaster go from an upstart company, to an evil monopoly that sucks millions of dollars out of concert-goers in fees every year? This book takes a detailed (and often dense technical look) at the history of the concert business. – KV

“The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch” by Marty Gitlin & Topher Ellis
In the seventies and eighties for me breakfast wasn’t just a meal to start the day. It was an event packed with an army of colorful friends smiling at you from boxes of sugary cereal. This book harkens back to the golden era of breakfast and showcases hundreds of full color pictures of cereal boxes throughout history. Every cereal from “Rice Crispies” to “Freakies” to “Frankenberry” and “Crazy Cow (Makes chocolate milk-Wow!)” are showcased. Plus a ton of movie and TV “Tie In” treats including “PAC-Man”, “E.T” and even “Mr. T.” – KV

“The Three Stooges Scrapbook” by Jeff Lenburhg, Joan Howard Maurer & Greg Lenburg
The Three Stooges are not Sean Hayes, Will Saso and whoever the hell played Moe in the terrible 2012 movie. They were classic physical comedy pioneers Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard and (maybe) Shemp. This scrapbook, lovingly compiled by 2 super fans and Moe’s daughter, traces the trio’s beginnings from vaudeville, to big screen success. – KV
“98% Funky Stuff: My Life In Music” by Maceo Parker
The man played sax with James Brown, then went on the join George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. In recent times Maceo Parker has been Prince’s go to guy. He is a living legend. A colossus of the Sax. His first ever bio is an honest look back at his funky, funky life. – KV




Tom Waits necklace in black stainless steel, $32
Seattle-based jewelry designers Fable & Fury craft statement-sized, photorealistic silhouettes and text treatments in powder coated laser cut steel. The work has a baroque, goth-y quality, but it’s meticulously made and visually clever, and your gift-ee is sure to think of you when the compliments start rolling in. Along with this rendering of the incomparable Mr. Waits, F&F’s Etsy page offers jewelry celebrating the likes of Johnny Cash, John Waters, Morrissey, and Schlitzie the pinhead from “Freaks.” – MS

Yacht Rock Cufflinks, $32
As accessories purveyor Leroy’s Place promises, these printed acrylic beauties are “the ultimate business casual.” A must-have for that dapper man in your life who goes for Hall & Oates, Christopher Cross and other staples of mid ‘70s FM radio, or that Public Enemy fan with a well developed sense of irony. – MS

Ant Bracelet for Sex People
For those of you a bit bummed about the whole Lance Armstrong thing and are chagrined at your now-naked wrists, fear not – most any band will be more than happy to have that advertising space for just a few bucks. But might I suggest letting the world you’re no longer interested in cycling and overcoming obstacles, but instead feel that “Antmusic for Sex People / Sexmusic for Ant People” is the important topic nowadays? Classic Rock’s merch site will be happy to help you out, with that, and while you’re at it, throw in a lovely Stone Roses “Made of Stone” coffee mug (though the mug likely not really made of stone – good for lifting, bad for durability). -PR

Rockband Wristlet
If the Ant wrist isn’t your thing, but you still want a rock band where your watch should be, a sculptor named Lee Dahlberg will be happy to help out – though watch the puns. His “RockBand™” items are literally that – leather bands with rocks on them. Bada-bing! Though he definitely has the rock and roadie aesthetic down and even makes guitar pick necklaces. -PR

Hot studs for her and for him, $24-$170


Fashion’s come back around to the ‘80s, and while the resurgence in cropped tops and neon is probably best left to the college set, the reappearance of studs can also be enjoyed by those who were the first kid on the block with a spiked collar. For a grown-up take on the trend, check out Etsy, where we found this fabulous studded cuff from Deconstruction Lab made from scraps of factory leather (the vendor’s in Italy so order early). If you’re splurging, John Varvatos’ outrageously cool Chuck Taylors in crinkly black or chocolate leather are a likely contender for the best gift your loved one receives. – MS

Drink Me Flask – $18.95
Flasks, they’re just a good idea. When you have one, you’re always ready to handle the problems of life through getting loaded.  And for those who are experiencing personal finance austerity measures, it enables you to make a discount cocktail, or drink along with the gang at a bar, for a greatly reduced cost.  Pairing the flask with this all too apropos sentiment from Alice in Wonderland is just too perfect.  Get drunk now. – EA

Tainted Love Lipstick – $48
Holidays mean Holiday Parties. So how about a little gift for yourself? Tom Ford has come out with a lip and cheek stain called Tainted Love. We prefer a Soft Cell over a hard sell any day. – AP

Hip Christmas Sweaters – $29
When you think “Christmas sweaters” you definitely don’t think “cool and hip,” but Skip n’ Whistle has a new take on the classic. Christmas sweaters with dinosaurs or unicorns or cats? Yup, I’m in. – AP

Bike to Work Pants
Soooooo excited that a women’s version of Bike To Work Pants became available recently. Fashion and safety rarely go together – and here they are, together! Stay safe (and sexy) out there. – JY

Python Leggings
I love the Python Leggings! Shaking up the office, lurking in rock clubs – do it all without a wardrobe change. – JY

The Caperon
Do you have a grill super hero in your life? Who doesn’t? Finally, apron and cape, together in the CAPERON!! Plus it’s on sale now. Bonus! – JY

Reversible Jacket
Whether you’re a jokey hipster or dead-freaking serious, this is hysterical and practical. Professional and cool blazer by day reverses to fun and funky smoking jacket by night. It’s like having a secret identity. Which side is the real you?  – JY

Ministry of Silly Walks Watch – $30
For the Monty Python Fan on your list. How about a Ministry of Silly Walks Watch? Perfect for timing your silly walk around the block. – AP

Bowie Bag – $82
For the Bowie fanatic on your shopping list. Kayci Wheatley’s Etsy has a few items with her rendition of Aladdin Sane on it like t-shirts, pillows, ties and more. Personal fav is the Bowie Bag. – AP



Tracey Thorn – Tinsel and Lights
For those tired of hearing “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” for the umpteenth time, the solution is at hand – an impossibly winsome holiday record, featuring the mournfully honeyed voice of Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn.  Loaded with sparkle, these soft, gorgeous, and tear stained tracks put some actual magic back in the holiday. – EA


Box Set: You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-70
Lee Hazlewood was the hippest of the hip.  Need proof?  This limited edition 45 box set (you read right 45s!) features the master songwriter and producers output from the late sixties.  It includes tracks sung by Lee and some of his muses including Ann Margret.  – KV


The English Beat:  The Complete Beat
They were the greatest of the 80’s ska punk movement, and their breakup led to the creation of two equally amazing bands General Public and Fine Young Cannibals.  This amazing 5-disc set features all three of the band’s studio albums, along with non-album bonus tracks and two full CD’s of 12″ mixes, dub versions and live tracks, many never released until now. – KV


Dean Martin: Collected Cool
Dean Martin was the dictionary definition of cool.  Women loved him.  Men wanted to be him.  This 4 disc box set (3 CDs and 1 DVDs) if the first of its kind to spotlight on Dean’s entire career with tracks from both his Capitol and Reprise years.  – KV


Glen Campbell & Jimmy Webb: In Session  CD  & DVD
In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that “Wichita Lineman” is my number one favorite song of all time, so any CD (and bonus DVD) featuring a version of it is bound to get a positive review from me – especially when it features the man who wrote the song, Jimmy Webb, with the singer who made it famous, Glen Campbell.  This brilliant CD and DVD recorded in 1983 features the duo in studio playing live versions of all their greatest collaborations including “Galveston”, “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and of course “Wichita Lineman.”  – KV


The Essential Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship
Evolution.  No better word describes Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship better than that.  This 2 Cd set follows the band as they transitioned from psychedelic hippies into seventies AM rock radio hit makers and finally into slick shills of corporate rock.  They churned out a ton of hits in those 40 some years including: “White Rabbit”, “Somebody To Love”, “Miracles”, “Runaway”, “Jane”, “Sara”, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” making this truly a greatest hits set of one band’s amazing journey.  – KV


Greatest Hits & All Time Classics: Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival
Sure, nowadays they hate each other, but long ago Creedence Clearwater Revival were known as the “American Beatles” churning out dozens of rock and roll hits that are now classic rock staples.  “Born On A Bayou” “Fortunate Son”, “Susie Q” are just the tip of the iceberg of this comprehensive 3 disc set (2 CDs of hits, 1 CD of live cuts)  – KV


3 Doors Down: The Greatest Hits
They are the prototypical American rock band with millions of sales and fans to boot.  This, their first ever best-of collects up the best songs from their amazing ten year plus career.  – KV
Christmas Gift For You from  Elefant Records
This super cute holiday collection from premiere Spanish indie-pop label Elefant is like a Christmas stocking full of the most delicious hook laden pop candy you can imagine – including new songs from The Primitives, BMX Bandits, and an array of international artists, not one of which will give you a belly ache. – EA

Reggae Golden Jubilee:  Origins of Jamaican Music CD Box Set
Hey Mon, add a little island breeze to your holiday trees.  This groove-heavy 4 CD box set curated by former Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga is a musical lesson in the history of Reggae music.  Everyone from Bob Marley to Peter Tosh and Shaggy are here.  – KV





Quadrophenia: The Criterion Collection, $20-$32
Treat someone on your list to some gorgeous music and tasty teenage angst. Franc Roddam’s sharp-dressed, pilled up film adaptation of The Who’s best work comes in a restored digital transfer supervised by original cinematographer Brian Tufano, with two remastered sound mixes and a laundry list of extras including vintage news coverage of mod culture. At this writing, DVD and Blu-ray versions are available at a discount through several online retailers – Criterion among them. – MS


Columbo: The Complete Series
The Seventies were the golden age of TV Cop shows.  Many of these classics are finally now making their way to DVD.  Starting with “Columbo”: The Complete Series.  Usually, when we see a man in a rumpled trench coat and mumbling to himself, it’s grounds to run away.  Unless that man was Peter Falk is his most famous role – the cunning and bumbling Lt. Columbo.  Long before Monk thrilled audiences with his hypersensitive hijinks, Falk’s Columbo set the gold standard for cop shows.  All of Columbo’s crime solving moves can be found in this comprehensive box set that not only includes all six seasons of the show, but every TV movie and reunion special. Packed with a who’s who of Hollywood elite co-stars all cringing at the phrase:  “Sir just one more thing…”  – KV


Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Series
Farrah!  Jacklyn Smith!  Kate Jackson!  Cheryl Ladd! Tanya Roberts! and more!  All are here in their feathered-hair, bell-bottom-wearing, seventies glory on 27 DVDs.  That’s right, all five seasons of everyone’s favorite crime fighting angels are present on this completely sexy, kick ass box set.  – KV


Kojak:  Seasons Two, Three, Four & Five
“Who Loves Ya baby?”  TV’s most unlikely crime fighter, the bald lollipop sucking cop Kojak is back!  Telly Savalas is the tough as nails on crime city detective with a soft side.  Seasons Two, Three and Four are now available separately from the fine folks at Shout Factory. Also available, “Police Woman: Second Season”  a six DVD set featuring the one and only Angie Dickinson who is as hot as you remember, especially when she guns down a drug selling Paul Williams.   – KV


Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection – Blu-Ray Box Set
No one could make a suspense filled film like the master Alfred Hitchcock.  He didn’t just make movies, he made timeless classics.  This ultra cool Blu- Ray box set collects up 15 of the horror master’s best including “Vertigo”, “Psycho” and “North by Northwest,” remastered to the highest quality.  – KV
Tarantino XX:  Celebrating 20 years Of Filmmaking – Blu-Ray Box
If Hitchcock had a master student it might be Quentin Tarantino.  This rapid fire Blu-Ray Box celebrates 20 years of his blood soaked, retro grind-house glory, including the movies: “True Romance”, “Reservoir Dogs”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Jackie Brown”, “Kill Bill 1 & 2”, “Inglorious Bastards” and “Death Proof.”  – KV


Entourage: The Complete Series – Blu-Ray Box
Entourage, the best show about show business ever, has shut down production. Ari Gold and Vincent Chase are now classic characters in TV history, and Kevin Dillion is UN-employed yet again.  Until they make a (rumored) feature film you can re-watch and re-enjoy every single episode of the brilliant HBO series in stunning high def.  The Entourage Blu-Ray box set marks the first time many of the later seasons of the show are available on the Blu-Ray format.  – KV

The Sarah Silverman Program: The Complete Series
Sadly, Sarah Silverman’s daring and oddball sitcom lasted only three brief seasons.  But in its short life, Silverman did everything from huffing paint to sleeping with god, to finding Hitler, and playing with “Pooh Sticks” (we won’t even mention the entire show dedicated to queefs). All with hilarious abandon, and total disregard for good taste.  – KV


Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures – Blu-Ray Box Set
The complete “Raiders Of The Lost Arc” series finally arrives on Blu-Ray.  Yup all the whips, hats, melting faces, snakes (“I hate snakes”) and giant rolling boulders are here.  There’s even a crystal skull!  Okay, maybe we should avoid that.  The four films are presented in breathtaking Blu-Ray along with a selection of commentaries, extras, interviews and features.  – KV


Get A Life: The Complete Series
Chris Elliot is a comic genius!  Don’t believe us?  Check out this long overdue box set of his laugh out loud anti sitcom, starring Elliot as a forty-something paperboy still living at home with Chris’ real life dad Bob Elliot (of Bob & Ray) playing his not so proud papa.  His screwed up life includes time travel and alien adoption.  Brian Doyle Murray plays the cantankerous neighbor.    – KV


Mad Men: Season Five
While most of us don’t really want to see a happy Don Draper, the man deserves a break.  Season Five finds Draper finding love in the arms of his much younger bride Megan while ignoring things at the ad agency.  Pete Campbell has an affair with a crazy lady (played by Rory from “Gilmour Girls”) and Lane Pryce kills himself. Man this show is good!   All done with a style and flair only Mad Men can bring.  – KV


Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales: The Complete Collection
Long before Chum-lee was the fat guy on “Pawn Stars” he was the animated walrus sidekick to the one and only Tennessee Tuxedo, voiced by none other than Don Adams.  This hilarious retro cartoon finally gets a DVD release with every episode in just one box.  – KV


Everyday Sunshine: The Story Of Fishbone
If there was any justice in the music business (there isn’t) then Fishbone, the  L.A. based ska-punk funk-rock originators would be as big as Justin Beiber.  Or at least as huge as their Caucasian counterparts The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  This truly unique documentary takes a look at the band’s long struggle for the success they deserve.  Through surviving mental illness, getting arrested for kidnapping, and lots of onstage nudity, the band’s story is told through archival footage, live shows and interviews with band mates, past and present. Ultimately this film is a testament to endurance of artistic integrity and friendship between the group’s core members Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher as they battle each other, apathy, regrets and social injustice to keep Fishbone alive no matter what.      – KV


The Simpsons: Season 15
For twenty plus years now Matt Groening’s animated series remains the funniest (and longest running) comedy series on TV.  Season 15, Available on either DVD and Blu-Ray features Homer getting attacked by a bear, Marge in rehab, Krusty’s  Bar Mitzvah and Edna hooking up with Comic Book Guy.  With guest voice turns from J.K. Rowling, Jackie Mason, Mr. T., Glenn Close, Michael Moore and The Olsen Twins.  – KV


Talking Heads: Chronology
Rather than just compile a DVD of the band’s revolutionary videos, this release digs deep for several rare and unseen performances of the art punk band’s history.  From early songs at The Kitchen and CBGB’s “I’m Not In Love” and “Psycho Killer” to the band’s  2002 reunion performance of “Life During Wartime” at their induction to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame this DVD is a treasure trove of Heads.  Bonus features include a 1978 interview with singer David Byrne.  A deluxe edition includes a 48 page hardcover book. – KV
E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial:  Blu-Ray Disc
Easily the most beloved film of the past 30 Years, E.T. lands on a digitally remastered Blu-Ray combo pack. With a pile of extras including deleted scenes, documentary, reunions and more including a peek at the upcoming video game app “E.T. The Green Planet” which focuses on what a sequel might look like.  – KV


The Gift of Norton Records, $15 and up
This year, there’s a hipper alternative to Heifer International. Spread the holiday cheer with a donation of at least $10 in your giftee’s name to Brooklyn-based Norton Records, which lost most of its inventory in Hurricane Sandy. Home to such offbeat icons as Link Wray, Esquerita and Arch Hall Jr., the label has a donate icon on its home page and an awesome selection of beautifully designed seven-inches for $5 – the perfect gift card for announcing your largesse. If your pick is backordered due to the storm damage, craft a handmade card with a download of the cover image. – MS

Stir It Up Noise Isolating Headhones:


Any Bob Marley fans on your shopping list? The Stir it Up Noise Isolating Headphones are made from natural, earth-friendly and renewable materials. Plus portions of the proceeds go to support the Marley Family charitable organization, 1Love.org. Cost is $199.99 and available at The House of Marley – AP