The RockBox Returns! More affordable! More vinyl! More additions from our sponsors: Bodan Kuma Records, Chronicle Books, High Moon Records, Quarto Books and Rum Bar Records, and now with Free Shipping!  Every box…

     – Features music and under-the-radar swag from big-name-but-still-happening alternative / rock artists you know and love.
     – Exposes you to a cool, brand new group of artists, labels, and companies worthy of your fandom.
     – Supports the work of indie musicians, artists, labels and retailers.
     – Is a sweet deal, costing way less than you’d pay if you bought these things yourself (if you could find some of this stuff on your own!)

Limited quantities of each exist – when they’re gone, they’re gone! Our 2015 boxes sold out quickly so, don’t delay! Get yours today!