Men Without Hats:  “Love In The Age Of War”

It’s time to “Safety Dance” (if you want to) all over again.  Ivan Ivan (he of the deep baritone) and Men Without Hats returns with a brilliant and super catchy CD packed full of retro-sounding danceable keyboard driven pop sure to make you dance.  (Again, only if you want to.)   Pop goes the world again!

The Beach Boys: “That’s Why God Made The Radio”

There are some reunions you thought you’d never see: The Smiths, Wham, and The Beach Boys.  But just when you though all hope was lost for a revisit to that smooth sixties pop world, the original kings of California cool are back!  Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine (along with 2 other dudes filling in for the late Dennis and Carl Wilson) return with a disc of full of harmonies and happiness.

Foreigner: “Alive & Rockin’”

If you close your eyes while listening to Foreigner’s latest live CD:  “Alive & Rockin’” you would swear it was 1982, with the band sounding as amazing as ever, ripping through staples like “Juke Box Hero”, “Cold As Ice” and “Hot Blooded.”   But if you open your eyes, you’ll see only original guitarist Mick Jones remains, making “Alive & Rockin’” an album by essentially the greatest Foreigner cover band ever. If seeing the band you once knew and loved full of new dudes doesn’t bother you “Alive & Rockin” is also available as a DVD or BluRay.

They Might Be Giants:  “No! 10th Anniversary Deluxe”

In 2002 the kings of oddball pop took a turn we should have seen coming —recording their first kids record “No!” For the album’s 10th anniversary the band has created a deluxe re-release version is now available with 7 bonus tracks.  Longtime fans are quick to note this CD doesn’t stray far from TMBGs formula of fun and funky, so don’t worry if you’re not a pee wee, adult fans can say “No!” too.


Iron Maiden  “En Vivo”

Nobody rocks harder than Iron Maiden!  This live 2-CD set rocks so hard we dare to say it “Rawks”!  “En Vivo” captures the lads destroying a packed stadiums in Chile and Argentina while blasting through faves like “The Number Of The Beast” and “Fear Of The Dark.”


Susanna Hoffs :  “Someday”

After all her all female band found massive success in the 1980’s, Bangles lead singer Susanna Hoffs will forever be linked to that decade.  The irony is Hoffs is so much more a child of the sixties than the “Reagan Years,” and on “Someday” we hear it in spades. Huge harmonies, pleasant melodies, jangly guitars and top notch songwriting are the core of this lovely CD.


Firehose:  “LowFlows: The Columbia Anthology (91-94)”

Mike Watt and his post-Minutemen flannel-clad compatriots were king of underground music, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t entitled to sign to a major label and take a shot at the big time.  Hell, it worked for Nirvana!  This 2 CD compilation is comprised of the trio’s two studio albums: “Flyin’ the Flannel” and “Mr. Machinery Operator” plus some odds and ends including the “Live Totem Pole” EP.

(for more on Mike Watt, see our interview here)